Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I Saw The Man

The rockin’ second half of this track by British prog rock band Patto was used to great effect in the Seth Rogen film Observe and Report. I think it was something of a flop, but I love that movie. It was made by the same crew that did Eastbound and Down, The Righteous Gemstones, and others, and sometimes I think they have the same record collection as me. Great music cues.



  1. James Brown remained active up until his passing at age seventy-three. So when I envision him performing, it is typically from his later years.
    But when I dig a little deeper and find James Brown performing when he was a younger man, it is a mind-blowing experience!
    The passion, the energy, the stamina !!!

    In this clip, as James is doing his thing, in the background is a young man playing the bass who would go on to become one of the pioneers of the funk genre, Bootsy Collins.

    • Hey Luv, you being such a big Chris Cornell fan, this is my early Xmas present to you: one of Seattle’s best guitarists did a tribute to Chris just after his passing. Jay Roberts is the guitarist from the Herbivores, son of famous jazz guitarist Howard Roberts (who also founded Guitar Institute of Technology) and has his own music school (Roberts Music Institute). Things get really interesting at about 3:45 of this song if you are a guitar fan.

      • Thanks Loveshaq, what a great tribute!

        I was thinking the other day that I don’t ever remember being as deeply affected by the death of an artist as I was with Chris.
        He was my Elvis, and his death just seemed to come out of nowhere. I remember my girlfriend sent me a text that morning that Chris had died, and I just looked at my phone in disbelief. My gf likes to goof around and fool me with stuff, but I knew she would never joke around with something like that. So I checked several internet sites hoping it was just some cruel hoax, but it was indeed real, and one of my true heroes was gone.

        • Yeah, I know the feeling, I said this once on Deadspin. I saw Peter Tosh 6 months before he died & then had the same thing happen w/ Stevie Ray Vaughn 6 months later. Made me want to stop going to concerts after that, I thought I was cursed!

          • I know, Lemmy, Gregg was one of my all-time favorites as well.
            But Gregg had been ill for quite some time and he had a liver transplant a couple of years prior to his death. So although a great loss, it was not totally unexpected. Chris’s death, however, just came out of nowhere. He wasn’t ill and the post age-50 part of his career was going great. His death just came out of nowhere and was a total shock to me.

  2. Bones UK, I’m Afraid of Americans
    And I’m afraid of Americans (I’m afraid of Americans)
    Yeah, I’m afraid of the world (Yeah, I’m afraid of the world)

  3. Dead Milkmen — Punk Rock Girl

    I wasn’t sure what to post tonight. I found a random Mariah Carey and Radiohead mashup which I may post another time. It was Creep with All I Want for Christmas is You and it strangely worked. Anyway here’s the Dead Milkmen and Punk Rock Girl because there is no wrong time to listen to the Dead Milkmen.

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