Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I Solemnly Swear To Protect My Own Ass

I’ve had enough of watching scenes from
Schizophrenic egocentric paranoiac primadonnas



  1. When you work in a law office there is a time every year where the Associates find out who get to become partner and who doesn’t. Most that don’t get partner stay but there are always a few that just pack it in for the next gig. Today was that day for our firm and it’s a bit sad to say goodbye (even if they never did their timesheets or turned in receipts on time).

    When I was in college I rented a house with a teammate and the landlord told us that it had some famous tenents in the past. One of those was supposed to be George Frayne or one of the Lost Planet Airman (I forget nowadays because it was a lie) and of all the sad songs I like to listen to I like theirs best.

    Ladies and Gentelmen. Please welcome, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen…

    Now everybody tells me there’s other ways to get high
    They don’t seem to understand, I’m too far gone to try

  2. This was the first show I took my daughter to. The music was great, MacKaye and Farina were friendly and gracious. It sucks that 15 years later this song is still relevant.
    The Evens – All These Governors

  3. …I told myself that if this came up I wouldn’t pick a sage francis tune…so makeshift patriot & lie detector test are out of the running…but the truth is I can’t resist the low hanging fruit even then…after all, if anyone qualifies for the line “I struggled with some demons/they were middle class & lame”…actually that isn’t such a short list…& as it turns out this is more of a shortlist than a pick

    …because, like the man says

    …but on the upside…to the extent that phrase makes sense with Mr Cohen

    …maybe this one passes for cheerful?

    […& by way of an apology for all that Leonard Cohen…something a little more upbeat…although “I would rather drink six razor blades/razor blades from a paper cup” could maybe bring us around again?]

      • he has some pretty (in my opinion) bad takes on things if you sit down and talk with him, but there is no denying his refusal to sell-out with the several opportunities he had to do so (for which he is one of the truest of true hip hop legends):

        “i don’t want fans that don’t know who (kool) g rap is”

  4. Whatever sounds are made when using a guillotine, that’s my new favorite music.

    You are all either entirely too glib about this whole thing, or more likely, much better at hiding it than I am. So my sincere apologies for being so dark and glum over all of this.

    • …I believe the term is “gallows humor”…I don’t know about the rest of them but I find a healthy layer of snark applied liberally to be an effective way to diffuse the damage that an awareness of current events otherwise seems to do to my psyche?

      they say homicide detectives & morticians have a pretty messed up sense of humor, too…

      • So do recovering alcoholics. I’ve always said that you can put me in a room with 10 people I’ve never met, 9 of whom are recovering drunks and one who is an earth person, give me 5 minutes without talking to any of them and I’ll be able to tell you with 100% certainty which one is the earth person. They’ll be the one with their eyes bugging out of their head and jaw on the floor while the other 9 are laughing like crazy.

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