Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I Tried To Leave

But I Got It Pretty Good Right Now

Thanks for coming around.



  1. woohoo! its the daily music challenge!

    fwiw im sorry for spammenning everything today….i have the zoomies
    ill probably crap out by monday and go back to being quiet….for a minute

  2. Waylon Jennings – I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving (But I’ll Be A Long Time Gone)


  3. perhaps this is more fitting

    there is something in the vodka there….and it aint water

    • Love this, some serious Balkan rockin! 

      • Someone learned how to hyperlink.

        wink wink

        • I did learn how to hyperlink (I did it yesterday when I talked about my preparations to make Kenny G’s Teriyaki Chicken), but that was a direct copy/paste from wikipedia, and the links carried over.

          • Salmon, I meant. Kenny G’s Teriyaki Salmon.

  4. L.F.N.T. Left It All Behind You 




  6. Is it two-fer Saturday?

    Edit: three-fer:

      • This will no doubt come back to haunt me but no, despite the fear-mongering and references to “Superstorm” Sandy I think we’ll be fine. When SS hit we were fine, in fact we walked our elderly previous dog during the let-ups. It was weird to go up to the roof and see stretches of downtown Manhattan blacked out, though, and I heard horror stories from a couple of my friends who (ill-advisedly) moved into high-rises in the low-lying Financial District abutting New York Harbor and the Hudson River. They got screwed because the mechanicals that keep their buildings going were in basements and sub-basements, so all the wiring, etc., got ruined by all the salt water that flooded in. Took months to get things back to habitable condition.

        It’s a scramble to get off Fire Island now. Apparently they’re not running enough ferries for everyone who wants to leave. That must be anxiety-inducing.

  7. If you leave, don’t look back. 
    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, “If You Leave” (from Pretty In Pink

    And I’m loving the inclusion on the OP of Sauna Youth, a band on the Upset the Rhythm label. Here are a couple more bands on UTR in the UK: 
    Deerhoof, “Fête d’Adieu” 

    Naked Roommate, “Repeat” 
    Naked Roommate “Repeat”

    • Whoopsie. It looks like the video link didn’t take. I suppose I’ll need to “Repeat”. 
      Naked Roommate, “Repeat” 


  8. Serge Gainsbourg – “Goodbye Emmanuelle”

    From The Sound of Music – “So Long, Farewell”

    Green Day – “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”

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