Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I’m A Lumberjack

Went to the local meadery to throw some axes today.



  1. How could you have missed the only song in history with a chainsaw solo?

  2. …If I were a carpenter

    Tim Hardin was a brilliant singer/songwriter who would succumb to his long-time heroin addiction at the age of thirty-nine.

    This is his Woodstock performance of his famous ballad, which has been covered by many over the years.

    This performance has been often criticized, as Hardin appears to be under the influence, but I think it is an accurate representation of the man who Hardin really was, and I always enjoy watching this clip.

    • Such an incredible songwriter. This is a longtime favorite of mine.

    • I really liked him as a guitar player, but Quiet Riot kinda didn’t do it for me. Kevin Dubrow was annoying as hell.

      • Terry Dubrow, TV doctor, is also very annoying.

  3. …not that anyone cares but the amount of willpower required not to take that Monty Python tune as license to post the philosophers’ song deserves more credit than it’s ever likely to get…meanwhile, as one with the occasional axe to grind I’d like you to know it’s not always the size of the axe that matters

    …or so I’m told?

  4. The Turtles – Buzzsaw

  5. Lumberjack – Johnny Cash
    Keitel is too modest to brag, but he won his axe throwing match against a young coworker.

    • This was competitive axe throwing? This story keeps getting better.

      • It was. I don’t belong to but they have a local league.

  6. Axe throwing sounds like fun. I didn’t know one could do this at some special facility for it.

    My Friend Jack – The Smoke

  7. …so I think I speak for more than just me when I say tell us more about how you schooled some youngster with this axe throwing thing?

    …is this a viking kind of axe throwing?

    …or more your liam neeson kind of a deal?

    [it’s been a while but I think he throws that axe…were playing cards involved is what I’m asking, I guess…or braids…or antique viking throwing axes or something?]

    • Axes like in Next of Kin. The first clip is where my name comes from. Erik The Viking is one of my favorite movies. Like darts but with axes.

      • …that answer is at least an order of magnitude more awesome than I could reasonably have expected

        …fantastic work all round, there

  8. Pantera — We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time

  9. I love me some Python & lumberjacking! Pass me the Hatchet!

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