Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I’m friends with The President, I’m friends with The Pope

Three days to go before the gathering of in-laws and out-laws. Marathon cooking and cleaning over the next couple of days. Remember to stay hydrated.



  1. These kids from New Zealand are trying to help keep the Maori language alive through heavy metal. Pretty cool:

    • Canadian hip hop carrying on traditions:

    • This is great! I never thought about it before but the Maori are pretty fucking metal.

    • This is great! I never thought of it before but the Maori are pretty freaking metal.

  2. And this one’s for Loveshaq:

    • Hey Thanks! That will definitely drive my daughters crazy as the original is their favorite Xmas song. I will dedicate tonight’s Xmas song to you too!

  3. Over the years, fans of The Smiths have been teased by snippets of perhaps their first ever recording, a cover of The Cookies “I Want a Boy For My Birthday” in August of 1982.

    The recording supposedly was taped in Johnny Marr’s attic, along with Morrissey and engineer/early bass player Dale Hibbert.

    A few days ago, the entire recording suddenly surfaced, as apparently Hibbert posted it. No word on where the recording has been or why Hibbert waited all of these years to post it.

    • apparently you are one of few who like “sharing” this tune…holy shit.

  4. Sin Fang’s No Summer from Sad Party, my favorite Icelandic artist.
    No summer because it is December.
    Jonee, this is your kinda stuff, I think?

    • Yes!

  5. Thank you. I did skip a space but it still did not embed.
    I’ll try to post another video.

  6. I have probably heard this song a thousand times and I hope to hear it at least a thousand more!

    Joe Strummer and Mick Jones!

  7. I definitely have a crazy family when we all get together!

  8. The Roches – Runs In the Family

  9. Weird Al Yankovic — Christmas at Ground Zero

    • Definitely one of my favorite Xmas tunes.

  10. “Family” – Home

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