Deadsplinter Up! All Night: I’m Here For The Romance

Today begins Valentine’s week, where the pressure to acquire a date or a mate, flowers/ jewels/candy, and dinner for two (everything for two) accelerates.

So tonight, I’m sending this love letter to the good folks at DUAN! – the kindest, smartest, funniest, and most musically savant group of people in the entire world, ever!

Yes, I am talking to you, denizens of DUAN!, because each of you brings something delightful to this party – will you be my Valentine?

Your Love Rocks, The Avener, Nicolaj Grandjean, Wanderings of the Avener

Your Love Rocks, Nicolaj Grandjean (Jazzbox Gypsy Remix), Balearic Biscuits 3

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  1. I used to hate VD when I was single (which was most of the time-shocking!) Now, indifference.

    Sappy 80s tune from my yout’. Having endured a little of what went on in the movie in real life, I understand this tune more and tugs at the heart strings a bit.

  2. Valentine’s Day rolled around about six weeks after our wedding, and we decided on a whim to go down the the Cap Center and see if there were any tickets left for these guys. Twenty-four years later I still associate Valentine’s Day with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  3. When love is a sad kinda thing…

    The last half of the song features three of the greatest living guitarists (in my humble opinion) all playing together.

    Eric Clapton – Warren Haynes – Derek Trucks

    • i guess i can stomach eric clapton because people change? but mark knopfler is still alive and a lot of people don’t know this…in the radio dj industry in canada, there is an unwritten rule among them to refrain from talking over this song (as they do every other song to introduce the next song or advertise the station prior to cutting to commercial) because they respect his guitar too much to interrupt it:

      …not to take away from the fact that a line in his most famous song has been removed for obvious reasons…

  4. I think this is one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard. Because we all want, need, to be seen.
    Velvet Underground – I’ll Be Your Mirror

    I know this isn’t about romantic love but it’s still amazing.
    The Who – Bargain

    And just for fun
    Roxy Music – Love Is the Drug

  5. …I officially suck at this game…I have to go put something together for the DOT because I can’t get my “shortlist” under a dozen for this topic & the indecision is most of the reason I haven’t done the other thing already

    …so thanks for some great things to listen to while I spectacularly fail to do the thing that I sat down at this keyboard to do an hour or so ago…& with any luck I’ll be back…but if it’s with a dozen tunes you have only yourselves to blame…mainly Elliecoo for setting the tone…but the rest of you, too

  6. …right – so I still can’t make up my damn mind & I should have been asleep who-knows-how-long-ago…so here we go…once upon a time when I didn’t get to pick what played in the car there was this sort of thing

    …then I got a little older & made some new friends

    …because sometimes that’s the way it feels…even when you like the fireworks

    …but all the same, when you put it that way, sometimes it’s hard to resist

    …but it doesn’t always go the way you think you want it to

    …& everybody seems to have an opinion

    …but you can’t just depart, from what happens to the heart

    …& there you are again in the house of hope

    …& finally, like the lady says, for the last song (for now, anyway…) the good kind of daddy issues

    […see, I cut it down from the dozen in the end…but if you ask me again tomorrow I guarantee I’d have a whole new list…who needs sleep anyhow?]

      • …apologies for not thinking of it the first time but I’ve got that link to embed – I think generally a full line break seems to be required for the voodoo to kick in?

        …also, that is another good one…but then, so many of hers do seem to be

  7. As usual, fashionably late to the party!
    This was our first dance at our wedding, 22 yrs ago. When we went to get the CD out of the car, we had just brought the case, it was empty. Luckily one of our friends had a copy with them.

    You shoulda married someone,
    A whole lot more like you–
    Drink coffee in the little cafes,
    And you could go out shopping too.
    I shoulda married someone,
    Who likes to camp and fish,
    And make love for two days straight,
    And you say, “don’t you wish”….

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