DeadSplinter! Up All Night: I’m Love Tornado Struck

The first show I ever went to was The Raveonettes. I was in high school and it sticks with me as completing a sort of rite of passage. Outside of the music, I will always remember about that show were the two guys by the stage hardcore dancing, fists swinging everywhere in this tiny club. It wasn’t just tiny, thankfully for the rest of us at the show it was fairly empty and no one was inadvertently punched by these two large, sweaty dudes. Singer/guitarist Sune Rose Wagner thanked them for their enthusiasm. That will always be a part of my first concert experience. What memories do you have of your first concert? As always thank you for your continued support of DeadSplinter.



  1. My first concert was supposed to be the Ramones, traveled all the way to San Fran to see them & it fell apart. So my first ended up being a big arena show w/ my older brothers friend cause I was too young to drive, it was this tour…

  2. …I’m not entirely sure what my first gig was but I think the first time I really understood why people made a big deal about festivals was maybe Reading in ’94?

    …think it was during “search & destroy” that I elected not to search for the contact lens that got dislodged & very much destroyed in the mosh pit where this little speech took place

    …& somewhere before one of Cypress Hill went crowd-surfing I’d even come around to what had been a less than favorite style of delivery for me – but I think it’s cheating to post a full set?

    • I saw the Furs at an old bank that had been turned into a club. It was a beautiful building with marble staircases. For some reason the crowd turned ugly and a fight broke out on the floor. People were shoving and I started to fall. All of a sudden I felt myself lifted up under my armpits from behind and carried to the staircase. (I’m a very small person!) The enormous skinhead who rescued me growled, “stay here little girl”, and walked away before I could even thank him,lol. It was a memorable show!

  3. My first concert was Mott the Hoople, Aerosmith, and Queen in January 1974. According to Queen Concerts online, Queen played with Aerosmith that day and before the concerts Brian met Joe Perry backstage and they drank together a bottle of Jack Daniels. Brian got so drunk that he could hardly walk. He remembers that when the concert began and he wacked the first chord, he didn’t hear much besides the echo so he had to play the whole concert from memory.”

  4. I’ve seen so many concerts and shows, I can’t remember what my first one was. But it was most likely Neil Young because I’ve seen him dozens of times.

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