DeadSplinter Up! All Night: In Concert

Concerts are making a comeback.

One friend took her kids to see Harry Styles this weekend. (One good reason to have tweens, you get to see Harry Styles!)

Another friend recently caught The Killers in NYC…

What’s your dream first post-covid concert?

As always, thanks for your continued support of DUAN (D-WAYNE) and Deadsplinter.



  1. I went to a mini psychedelic festival on the 11th. It was wonderful to see live music again. There were 6 bands – Sweet Country Meat Boys, Lo Talker, Levitation Room, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, The Bright Lights Social Hour, and Meatbodies. I didn’t care for The Bright Lights Social Hour but everyone else was great. Now I have the show bug, but I know I shouldn’t push my luck lest I come down with some other bug. 

    Levitation Room – Mr Polydactyl Cat


  2. It’s going to be a loooong time before I’m OK going to a show again, especially at the dinky indoor venues I tend to frequent. For a General Admission/Standing Room Only event, I’d basically have to wear a massive hoop skirt and bubble to feel slightly at ease–and those would never make it past the door. 
    I had tickets to see Nation of Language (who released my top album of 2020), but then delta squelched those plans. It was at a small indoor venue…and I just cannot be OK with that for probably the remainder of 2021 and at least spring 2022, if I’m honest. I’m looking forward to finally seeing them live next time they tour, but I’m eating the cost of the tickets because they’re a self-released band and they deserve my hard-earned money. 
    Nation of Language, “The Motorist” 

    Next year, Still Corners are touring starting in the spring (Europe) and summer (US), so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to make one of those dates. 
    Still Corners, “Berlin Lovers” 

    ….and speaking of Harry Styles (or “Harry Styles” because perhaps that’s not really him in the video??????!!!!????😉😉😉😉), I’m reminded that I want to see Bachelor (a supergroup/side project with Jay Som + Palehound) when they get around to live dates. 
    Bachelor, “Back of My Hand” 

  3. @Elliecoo I hope when/if we ever get back to a time where we aren’t afraid to go out in public that you’ll get a chance to see them. They were amazing. Every bit as good as Meatbodies and played so hard! The guys from Levitation Room were really sweet, they mingled with the crowd before and after their set, I talked to couple of them at various points in the night. They were very friendly and down to earth. It was a good night. I’m trying to rein myself in though and not start buying tickets to everything. 

  4. I got to see The Internet when I lived in California.  They blew me away.

    I saw Joe Ely perform in the park when I lived in Houston.  Man, was he ever good.

    In Chicago, I lived about a block from Union Park and even though I didn’t see them, I could hear the Pitchfork Festival as clearly as if I was in the audience.   Deerhunter really impressed me.  This is a video of the concert I was listening to from my back porch.

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