• And plus also, I had to look up what was going on here. The Stanley Cup playoffs? Weren’t they over with months ago? According to my calendar today is May 13th and it’s been in the 80s these past few days, almost 90 yesterday. What next? Will we be celebrating the Fourth of July with “Holiday on Ice” spectaculars? I mean, I celebrate the Fourth with “Holiday Drinks Poured Over Ice”, and they can be spectacular, but I’m not on ice skates when I make them.

        • I wouldn’t doubt it. This last World Series, which I paid absolutely no attention to, was held in the run-up to (American) Thanksgiving, wasn’t it? So much for “The Boys of Summer.”

          But I will say I’m envious of sports fans and their ability to watch expanded three-season playing periods and the myriad of teams to root for, despise, and bet on. This must be a very American trait. It’s why our political season never seems to end, I bet.

        • I still think there’s something dystopian about this. When I was growing up, when we used to wait for the lakes to freeze and for the iceman to come with his ice wagon and fill up our cellars so we could fill up our iceboxes, a couple of my brothers played hockey and some nephews did. But I remember going to the rinks and not having to bring a change of clothes because the indoor and outdoor temperatures varied by 50 or 60 degrees.

          What if you ordered a big hot chocolate to go at the very amateurish concession stand at the suburban rink, as I did many times, because I find hockey tedious and at the level I was watching it wasn’t the The Ultimate Smackdown blood sport that the NHL is, and you took it outside and you were blasted with 80-degree heat? Surely, we weren’t meant to live this way.

          (Says the guy who doesn’t blink at buying and using ingredients that are wildly inappropriate for a northeastern growing season.)

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