DeadSplinter Up! All Night: In The Garage, I Feel Safe

I hope cabin fever isn’t getting to you all. Stay safe. Thank you for your continued support of DeadSplinter.



  1. Still miss the Muppets

    So long Kenny Rogers Roaster

  2. with a title like that… you know i gotta go with

    • And Leo’s Norwegian metal version…

      • gotta love leo 😀
        tbh…i was going to go for the literal version…but got distracted by shiney hd

        • Not available in my country! Fucking UMG!

          • damnit 🙁
            well that sucks
            here something to make up for the loss

            (yeah its a different song…but men without hats dont grow on trees you know)

          • umg sucks ass…

            at least the title is displayed. it must big this:


            • lol… i tried yours..but its not available in my country
              so ill just assume it is

                • *dies*
                  oh thats a thing of beauty mate

  3. …pretty sure I could do better…but surely pure garage is good start?

    • I love the Streets! Let’s Push Things Forward!

      • …well…if you’re asking I might could maybe keep this up for a while?

            • Looks like we got an olde timey Streets battle!!! But Who Got the Funk?

              • …well, now isn’t that the irony of it all?

                • SplinterRIP, Get Out of My House

                  • …some houseguests aren’t worth the trouble, I guess

                    [kinda hoped I’d find an excuse for that one…sort of a favorite…]

                    • You don’t need an excuse? Such a Twat

                  • …looks like we tapped out that thread…so I guess you win by default?

                    …& it was supposed to be so easy

                    • Ok, you win. I will try to remember you When You Wasn’t Famous

                    • …damn…really not sure if I understand how this works well enough to be sure this will post beneath yours so I might be biting off more than I can chew here…so there’s really only one possible way to go

  4. Not a clue what the words are. Punk synth new wave band from Belarus. Got their new record today for Keitel from Sacred Bones records. But seeing as we are one world in this thing together, I thought it was appropriate.

    • This is awesome.

      • Came wrapped in a dark heavy paper letter fold sealed with a wax signet. Over the actual album and cover.

    • I used to know Donnie. We weren’t friends, friends of friends, but friendly. Chat when we ran into each other, have a drink together if we saw each other out. Haven’t seen him in years. He was a heck of a nice guy and I’m always pleased when someone likes one of his songs. Here’s an earlier hit of his.
      The Jaggerz – The Rapper

      • You, my friend, have had quite a number of very interesting musical connections. I’d love to hear more–maybe for a DUAN post of your own?

        • Maybe someday!
          Then I can tell you about the feud I had with one of the guys from Agnostic Front.

    • We should all be coming together and instead we are pointing fingers…it’s shameful…if all goes down, friend…

  5. and to be precise (seeing as I’ve been away for too long from DUAN)…

  6. Maybe I would feel safer if I had a “Safe European Home”?

    • i love that song so much
      brightens my day when i hear it on the radio

  7. I don’t have a song about a garage. But here’s one of the great garage bands.
    The Standells – Dirty Water

  8. Land of the Loops – Multi-Family Garage Sale

    I recently got reacquainted with these guys. They were a great little 90’s band.

    • good point
      sorry i cant match your mashup… but ill join in

  9. Here’s one of Seattle’s favorite garage bands, The Sonics

  10. going to yesterday..heres a little present

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