Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Inner Vision

From these depths depart towards heaven

What goes on inside your mind?



    • It would be my favorite Stevie album, but because of the shortage of banging chromatic harmonica solos it slips to #3.  I don’t understand either because several of the songs are in Stevie’s favorite keys for using his harmonica and you expect it but it just doesn’t happen.

  1. everything goes on in my mind….theres no shutting the fucker up

    theres like…a reason i dont sleep well

    its not my fault…its the voices in my head….tho…tbh…they are annoying but i can sleep through them

    the visions are flat out disturbing and hard to ignore

    (and no i dont see the future….i just close my eyes and see……i think i do that brain processing shit wrong)

  2. I’ve often said I would like to spend five minutes, but not a second more, inside the mind of my dog(s). They’ve all been so crazy, and yet so loyal and lovable. And so friendly, although I think that’s partly us training them to be that way through socialization.

    Since my current hound is now approaching 10 (although he acts like a puppy, still) he spends a lot of post-walk time in his crate/man-cave with me in the office, sleeping. Or at least napping. I wonder if this song goes through his little mind:

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