Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Invitation to the Dance

shake it don't break it

Let's Go!

We haven’t had a dance party around here in a little while and it’s holiday time so I figure we should all learn a few new steps before the DUAN office Christmas party (this year, at the Leisure Lanes bowling alley in Beckley, West Virginia). I sure hope @brightersideoflife doesn’t do that routine with the flaming batons again. We’re still paying off the damages from last year, and I still can’t show my face in any Applebees in the continental US.

I love all you lot and I hope you can eke out at least a little bit of cheer this time around. Thanks for coming out.

This year, I’m planning to lead the group in a line dance again so I’ve included this instructional video so you’ll all be ready.

I hope we don’t have another melee like we had at the 2019 DUAN Christmas Party (video below)

[This is sort of off-topic, but since we’re talking about dancing, I’ve got to say I’m not completely comfortable with the recent announcement that Tom Holland will be starring in the upcoming Fred Astaire biopic. I like Tom Holland and he’s really talented and a very good dancer, but I’ve seen clips of him dancing and I just don’t see him displaying anything like the supernatural ease and lightness of Fred Astaire, who was an absolute one-off. Plus, who could they possibly get to play Ginger Rogers, which is an equally important casting decision? I just want to go on the record as being highly skeptical of this project. Okay, I’ve said my piece.]



  1. I’m taking you back to the era of the DFA-sponsored return of the 12″ single. And good cowbell.

    The Rapture, “House of Jealous Lovers”

    Re: Tom Holland and Fred Astaire. I’ve never seen anything with Holland in it, but the complaint I’ve heard is that his face is too symmetrical to capture the elvish qualities of Astaire’s. I don’t know if anyone in Greater Hollywood really looks like Astaire, though.

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