Deadsplinter Up! All Night – It can’t be the Christmas Season without The Waitresses!

The Waitresses were a Punk/New Wave band from Akron, Ohio. They were fronted by Patty Donahue, who sadly passed away at age forty due to lung cancer. But The Waitresses will forever live on, especially at this time of year!



  1. Morgan Lander would be equally at home on one of those idol shows or a death metal band. The modulation at 2:42 gives me chills:

  2. When the Doors were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, Eddie Vedder joined the remaining members of the band to perform “Roadhouse Blues”. Eddie did a nice job, mainly because he didn’t try to imitate Jim Morrison, but he simply blended in his own style to make it work well.

    Also, one of Robby Kriegers’ favorite songs was “Eleanor Rigby”, and he often times worked a bit of it into his guitar solos. He does this here, starting at about 2:03.

    • Pretty sure John Doe is Jim Morrison so he should have sang it, he just lets Exene take the lead. Follow the trail & all leads back to John Doe being Jim.

  3. These guys are from the same general area of Ohio. I used to know the rhythm guitarist a long time ago. He played with Stiv Bator.

    The Deadbeat Poets Christmastime in Painsville

    • Like early REM if Michael Stipe didn’t mumble.

    • #FunFact: I was born in Painesville

  4. Seeing as I just listed the greatest Christmas movies of all time and this is a festive DUAN, I’m just going to link one of my favourite Christmas songs:

    • You’re on fire tonight; I love this one, too.

    • I think that’s more of a Thanksgiving song.

  5. One of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard, China Forbes. This woman is truly amazing and sings in about 9 different languages. Pink Martini – Snowglobe Christmas

  6. And in honor of the upcoming Hanukkah, here’s one of my favorite Israeli bands playing a song that has nothing to do with it but I love anyway.

  7. That’s probably my favorite Christmas song.

    Wrap Up the Rockets – The Freshies

  8. The Vandals — Oi! To The World
    Keeping with the Christmas theme

  9. John Cale – Child’s Christmas In Wales

  10. One of my absolute favourite Christmas songs ever! It’s on heavy rotation every year.

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