Deadsplinter Up! All Night: It Seems Like Everyone Is Talking About Bruno

Beware: Earworms galore

What songs from children’s films do you love? Songs that you grew up with, songs that your kids listened to 596,326 times in the car, or songs that you discovered as an adult, but are technically from kids’ movies?

Thanks for sharing your inner child’s favorites with us, Deadsplinter.

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    • I taught my kid that song, along with There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea.  My wife, who is not a native English speaker had many questions.  By the way, There’s a Hole in Bottom of the Sea was written by the great Frank Loesser, who also wrote the songs for Guys and Dolls as well as Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

  1. Submitted as counterweight to the Disney domination of our childhoods and animation.

    An American Tail, “Somewhere Out There” 

    My Neighbour Totoro Theme Song

  2. Not from a movie but when we would go on drives, my girls would always want to sing songs by SCOTS like this one…


    Before I learned  any Japanese I learned to sing this song from watching this show every week.  Every one of my friends in elementary school could sing this song.  Now when I get together with a few of them we will start singing this and my family will just look at us like, WTF?


  3. My kid liked the theme song from The Banana Splits.  I don’t even know how she got to see that show.  There were still TV channels that played old TV shows back then.  There were also still Saturday morning cartoon blocks on network TV.  I remember her stomping around the house singing/screaming these tunes.

    My girl didn’t care for the Teletubbies, but I did, so I would stomp around the house singing/screaming this:

  4. Oh man, this song would get stuck in my head when the kids were watching this show…


    and my youngest would have dreams in the middle of the night and yell “Swiper no swiping!”


  5. My daughter loved James and the Giant Peach when she was a child. This song always tugged at my heart. It’s so sad and full of longing. The boyish speak impediment makes it feel even more real and moving. I do apologize though because I know Ronald Dahl was an awful person and some of his work reflects his bigotry.
    My Name Is James

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