Deadsplinter Up! All Night: It’s My Life

Last week loveshaq introduced us to Dr Ring-Ding, a German artist performing reggae, ska and dancehall. Well, I have another European doctor for you! Dr. Alban. He is a Swedish artist (born in Nigeria) performing Eurodance and reggae in a dancehall style. Here’s his 1992 Eurodance/Pop-Rap/Euroreggae hit (and biggest hit) ‘It’s My Life’:

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! This is some really cool stuff I have never heard of, always love finding a new(to me) artist.

    Firewater – This is my Life

    • I saw the Tubes in a cavernous underground club & my buddy went to the restroom & ran into Fee Waybill in a hallway. He says “do you know how I get to the stage?” My buddy shakes his head & Fee goes off muttering to himself. Great show once he found stage.

  2. I had no idea Nigeria had such a wealth of good music, Since Shaq, and Ellie have posted other artists I’ve been looking for other stuff. Thanks DUAN! I found this a few days ago.

    The Lijadu Sisters – Life Is Gone Down Low

    • He went to Sweden, when he was 23, to study dentistry. To finance his studies he started working as a DJ and used to sing reggae-style over the records he spun. But even after he graduated and opened his dentistry practice. he continued to work as a DJ. Well, he got noticed, got signed, and the rest is history! Here are 2 more songs from him:

      Sing Hallelujah!

      Look Who´s Talking

    • gotta roll the r for full effect…
      anyhoo ive said revenge about 30 times now….and im sat in the living room all by me tod at 6 am…. i dont know what that says about my sanity

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