Deadsplinter Up! All Night: It’s time to play the music

For the lovers, the dreamers, and me

It’s time to light the lights.

It’s time we had a DUAN for Muppets on a Friday night.

Thanks for making this the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational DUAN on Deadsplinter!

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  1. Jimmy Buffett with Rizzo the Rat and The Great Gonzo doing a solid cover of the Byrds’ “Hey Mr. Spaceman.”


    • sepultura has the best drumming
      makes me want to take up drumming
      oh wait…i did take up drumming…and sepultura is why

  2. i can do muppets!

  3. The Muppets are so metal!!!  Team them up w/ Psychostick and you really have something!

    • or team up w/ a crazy Norwegian!


      • bloody hell….beat me to it…
        most inconsiderate mate
        its a good thing i like you 🙂

        • Sorry, great minds think alike? 

          • lol no worries mate 🙂
            but also metal sounds so simple
            now try playing it….eh?

            *moshes out of the room*

              • yeah….its fucking hard work to sound like this

                i dont……cant scream for shit

    • ive just realized i know a lot of muppet metal

  4. Bohemian Rhapsody




  5. Mahna Mahna – or however you spell it

    • ++++ Obligatory. Now I’m going to have that stuck in my head for the rest of the evening.

  6. wait does it have to be muppets?

    that count?

    • oh man……i saw that one when i was lickle and it went completely over my head 

  7. I like the jazzy Muppets

  8. Sleaford Mods – No One’s Bothered

    Saves the Day – Freakish


  9. Batty


    • I love the Kate Pierson muppet.

    • Thanks for posting this – weirdly, I have been wondering the exact same thing. First off, collateral deaths of any people are totally unacceptable to me – but collateral deaths of children is absolutely abhorrent. I don’t care where you stand in the whole Israel/Palestinian issue – deaths of children are never, ever justified. The fact that the Biden administration took so long to even issue a statement at all, let alone not even really condemn the children’s deaths is reprehensible.

      • Okay, so that rant ended up in a weird spot. 

  10. Los Lobos — El Canelo

  11. I love this film. Pity I later found out Michael Caine was a Tory concerned, above all, about lowering his taxes. And then he went in as a Leaver during Brexit.
    “Thankful Heart” from The Muppet Christmas Carol 

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