DeadSplinter Up! All Night: It’s Your Funeral

I blasted Crazy Train across the cemetery at my brother’s memorial. As I looked out over a see of bikers, skaters, and old punks dressed in their ‘finery’ (used loosely – mostly black t-shirts and Vans, with one or two skinny ties mixed in), I knew it was appropriate.

However, I then noticed the other funeral going on at the same time, which looked very dignified. I’m guessing they didn’t appreciate as much. [shrug emoji]

Or perhaps a wacky acquaintance of yours would like to sing a few bars?

What’s your inappropriate appropriate funeral march?



  1. I know y’all sick of me posting Bonnie ” Prince ” Billy but I seriously want this played at my funeral. It’s not inappropriate though.

    Resist The Urge


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