DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Jolene

I love these guys! You may have seen the viral video of them listening to Phil Collins for the first time, but they also have an episode of them rocking out to Jolene:

#funfact: Miley is Dolly’s goddaughter.

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  1. New music from Walt Disco. Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)

  2. Here is Dolly with Miley’s daddy:


    • I forgot about that one! Man, the 90s ladies of country were awesome. I’m clocking Kathy Mattea, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pam Tillis & Tanya Tucker! 

      MCC has a new album out:

      • How about my FAVOURITE MCC song live with most of the above and then some?

        • I said “most” because I don’t think Tanya Tucker is in that clip, but she was famous as a young teen long before the 90’s rolled around. iirc there was a lot of “controversy” surrounding her in her younger days because the lyrics to some of her songs were “too adult” for a young teenaged girl. Leann Rimes, in the nineties, got a bit of that, though not nearly to the extent that Tanya did, after she Blue up with this song:

  3. heres some dude thats not even a little bit related to dolly
    sings the hell out of the song tho 

    • I’m here late and missed a good one!
      Here’s Loretta Lynn & Jack White with their Grammy winner, Portland Oregon

  4. The Twins are so cute, I love these videos. Jolene gives me chills every time I listen to it.

    But I’m not asking nice

    Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man



    • I see what you did there

  5. How about Dolly singing Stairway – supposedly Robert Plant liked this version.

    • Him and me both. Plant is no stranger to country music. I love this Mel Gillis cover with Alison Krauss.



    • Thanks for that @Lymond !  I’ve never seen that before and feel I’ve just increased my life force having it whistling around my cranium.

  6. Just here to point out that she wrote “Jolene” AND “I Will Always Love You” in the SAME DAMN NIGHT. Has any other songwriter ever had a night that good?

    • She’s truly extraordinary!

  7. To the Other Woman

    Doris Duke

  8. It could have gone a lot worse for Jolene.

    • She dropped this song when she was 86 – no way I would fuck with Loretta Lynn!

  9. Best I can muster is some acid house techno country, A3 – You Don’t Dance to Techno Anymore

  10. Dolly Parton – Why’d You Come In Here


    Ruby Rose Fox sings ‘Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” slowed down 25%

    • Forgot how cute that video is. And that slow version is practically mournful!

  11. Since we’re goin’ Dolly tonight, I’ve gotta go this one first, because as much as i love her solo, there was just SOMETHING about her duets with Kenny, and seeing/hearing their genuine friendship with each other, that made their songs together a bit of magic;

    By herself, since I didn’t see this one yet, and it’s probably my favorite of hers–i love the others, too, but this one SO speaks to her roots, as a little girl growing up poor,, and you can feel it, as she sings;

    And since I saw the amazing women of 90’s country brought up, another powerhouse of a duet (one i actually got to see live, unannounced, up at the Fargo Dome, when Linda joined up with Reba and Brooks & Dunn after finishing up her *own* first tour as a headliner. Everyone knew Reba was still singing it, but that *it just wasn’t quite the same,* because she sang it with another backup singer…. and then, after Reba’s lines, suddenly we heard a voice, and the audience ERUPTED in cheers as the lights came up & Linda stepped out into the spotlight–it was an AMAZING moment to get to see! I was one of the many who got goosebumps during the song that night😉😃🤗😁)


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