Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Just Like The Mercury Rising Right Into The Red

You know damn well @MatthewCrawley has the 12″ maxi-single squirreled away somewhere.

Thanks for coming around.

Bonus round: Pia and Jermaine Jackson

Double bonus round: Jermaine w/ Andre Rieu.

$100 if you can find Mattie among the masses.

After watching the crowd I’ll never dance again out of sheer terror that I look like that.


This is why I love coming to this site.

I sent Mattie an email giving him a heads up about poking a little fun.

Hey Mattie,

The Duan I’m doing for Friday is a Pia Zadora song. I poke a little fun at you about owning her music. If you would prefer I didn’t I will take it out. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

His response:

I love Pia Zadora and will defend her to my dying breath, so say whatever you want about her. She certainly doesn’t need me to be her knight in shining armor. You can throw in something, if you want, and haven’t already. When she was married to her first and much older husband, I forget his name, they bought Pickfair, which was one of the most storied private homes in all of LA County (it was in Beverly Hills), because Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford had bought it in the 1920s, I think, hence the name, and all of Hollywood used to hang out there. By the time Pia came along it was kind of a white elephant and she had it torn down. By Hollywood standards this was like knowingly tearing down the manger where Jesus was born. She claimed it was termite-ridden and couldn’t be saved, but then she also revealed that it was haunted and a ghost used to scare her and her children so they couldn’t get any sleep. How’s that for a background story?



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