Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Kids

There may be snow on the roof but there's still fire in the furnace

On one hand, I believe the children are our future. On the other hand, teenagers scare the living shit out of me. Now that I’m older than just about everyone in the world, and even my kid isn’t a kid anymore, I am feeling pretty out-of-touch. Maybe some of you can help me get a handle on what the kids these days are into.



  1. I don’t know what the kids are listening to now, but 50 years ago today it was The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Like them or not it’s a significant date in musical history.

    I Saw Her Standing There


    • Fun fact: their debut almost didn’t happen because two day prior George came down with a 104 degree fever and couldn’t get out of bed. His fever broke the morning of the show. He wasn’t at rehearsal so you can see how unsure he is in the video.

      • I didn’t know that. I’m not a big Beatles fan. I recognize their talent but I was more of a Stones kinda gal.

  2. i dunno…from what i can tell they are mostly into like 12 second loops of the same 3 songs on tik tok

    i could have used the attitude ive grown into back when i thought i had to fit in

  3. I believe the kids are listening to Baby Shark, which I believe I will not post here.

    THIS was awesome, though, when I was a kid in the Mesozoic era. For the Canadians, eh?

    • no worries..i gots you

  4. Just the same as we were but with shittier music. Now get off of my lawn.

  5. What is the matter with kids today? Hmm?




  8. Hmm I hope there’s no rule about posting the same artist two days in a row….



    • That’s a helluva remix!

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