Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Know When To Hold ‘Em

For the first time in 15 months I am getting together with my buddies. It will be an evening of cards, beer, food, and laughs.

And one more for dumb laughs

Thanks for coming around.



  1. life is a gamble

    • One of my favorites and to me one of the most romantic songs ever written. I can squeeze this in because the lyric “life is a gamble” is used:

  2. JR JR The Gambler

    King Charles Gamble for a Rose 


  3. I was never good at keeping a poker face but I have a great Polka Face


    • Although, I do like Winner Takes It All as a concept


      • You (I) can say that again:

        It is hilarious that the b&w still at lower right of this screenshot is another version of the ABBA song. It’s not often that you see ABBA paired with Sammy Hagar.

        • Now my comment makes no sense. The Sammy Hagar screenshot I saw had three other options beneath…

  4. Be sure to eat lots and lots of salty snacks and meat products while you have the chance.

    Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise – Gambler


  5. meh?

    • *wrecks the place*

  6. Have fun!

    The Clash –  The Card Cheat



    • Yeah those cheats always hide the Ace of Spades

    • I meant to post this one, but they’re both bangers.

    • @tragicallychic is about to spend the next half-hour looking for a song because you played this one…let’s wait to find out what it is…

      • Queen of Hearts is my favourite song but I don’t need half an hour.


  7. i hope you enjoy your night, buds.

    Here’s to the Night:

    • Baby, let’s go to Vegas:


    • You can make a line dance out of anything:

      But here’s a night no one would want to relive:

      (this is the movie’s opening theme)

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