Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Ladies’s Night

Oh what a night

Friday night- time to light up the sky!

Tonight is all about girl power! Share a song (or two) from your favorite female artists.

Here I have a song about motherhood, a song about finding love, and a song about movin on.

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  1. i think davina michelle is my favourite local singer nowadays….she just has an awesome voice

    all time tho…yeah…i dont see anyone beating nina hagen anytime soon

    • fwiw…asking me for a favourite is the worst thing you could ever do to me….and i now hate you forever.
      how could you have a favourite when every day your music taste changes?
      i love all the things
      just some days i love some things more than others
      (i was joking on the hating part just to be clear)

      • see…its been a minute..and my annoyance at picking a fav has already changed my music

        they are damn good tho

      • @farscythe I actually did intend the word favorite to be an umbrella including many favorites… one can have many favorites! There’s no need to agonize deciding over your very topmost choices! 

  2. Johnette Napolitano, I loved her with Concrete Blonde


    and still, love her solo.

    Voodoo Doll Ball





  3. I love Ladies Night.

  4. 🎵We got equal rights on Ladies’ Night!🎵 
    Le Tigre, “FYR” 

    LION BABE, “Wonder Woman” 

  5. Joni Mitchell Wild Things Run Fast

    Joan Armatrading Tall in the Saddle 

    Patti Smith Horses 


  6. The Soviettes – Multiply and Divide

    Elastica – Annie

    Shonen Knife – Concrete Animals


  8. These are old school but so am I…


    and not an all girl band but a girl that rules the band…


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