Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Let’s Get Lost

In which we make like a tree and leave

By the time you read this, the wife and I will be on the road to New York City to attend a wedding. New York City. The words roll off the tongue like an empty wine bottle rolling off a subway seat. Do people still even ride in a hole in the ground there? Final exams will have been graded and the grades tallied and entered. It’s the official start of academic Summer and I couldn’t be more ready to hit the road, Jack. Go splitsville, am-scray, roll on down the road, if you know what I mean. Gonna be gone like a cool breeze. Drink me some truck stop coffee and maybe stop at Stuckey’s for a pecan log roll. You guys are on your own for a few days. I may check in if the wi-fi is good, so no shenanigans or screwing around. That reminds me: I have to bring change for the tolls and get my Zoot suit pressed. Gotta look reet, you know? Dispositionally, I am made for this shit.

UPDATE: It appears that the Great Gasoline Apocalypse of 2021 may add a degree of difficulty to our trip. We’re going right up the path of the shortages, so I’m wondering if we should bring weapons and a siphon in case we run into some real Mad Max stuff. Oh man, ain’t nothing easy, is it?

As always, thanks to all for supporting Deadsplinter and DUAN and let me know if you want me to bring you anything back from the big city. Maybe some plastic bags filled with gasoline.



  1. Road to Nowhere 


  2. Jimmie Vaughan – Lost in You

    I took Mrs. Butcher to see him in concert at a ratty little blues club in Printer’s Alley in Nashville.  She was NOT wild about going, but to this day she still talks about how great that show was.  It was one of those nights when all the big-name musicians show up and some got up and played a few tunes with him.

  3. Westerman Roads Bullion Remix


  4. Solid advice from The Real McKenzies — Get Lost
    “go on get lost & join a punkrock band
    quit your school, give up your job and live in a stinky van
    they won’t let you take it easy
    you don’t wanna get it slow
    now you gotta get ‘cher ass to the next punkshow
    so… ya! go on! get lost!”


  5. The Zombies Road Runner


  6. safe travels mate
    no need to bring me back gasolina

    (one of me favourite songs that…even tho i only understand maybe a quarter of it….it just makes me want to go)

      • i really dont….i miss the music tho
        but im an angry short dude trying to impress a girl magnet
        it tends to ruin an otherwise good night

        • Good point. I miss the music and dancing and drinking. I don’t miss the cramped smoke filled spaces and strangers grinding up on me without consent.

          • basically clubbing was awesome….cept for other people
            (not all other people…but enough of them)

  7. Have fun at the wedding! May you Lose Yourself to Dance -Daft Punk

  8. Wire – Map Ref 41 Degrees N 93 Degrees W

  9. Kurt Vile – Freeway




  10. Heading for Nowhere by Jets Overhead:

  11. If you pass through Maryland, pick me up some Natty Boh.

  12. Have fun Luigi! 

  13. Wow, I didn’t know Beck and Bat for Lashes collaborated–thank you for this new information. 
    It hurts to get lost in yesterday. 
    Tame Impala, “Lost in Yesterday” 

    Sometimes you just have to get out. 
    Michael Abels, “Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga” (Main Title from Get Out


  14. Wave in a general direction that could be Cousin Matthew for us!

  15. Lloyd Cole – Let’s Get Lost




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