Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Let’s Go to Space

Here, am I sitting with a beer can, far above the world

Everyone's gone to the moon

When I was little I considered becoming an astronaut. I had long given it up by the time I discovered music and girls, but there’s still a part of me who gets excited by things like seeing the ISS cross the night sky and helicopters on Mars.

The nice thing about being human is that you can go to space without actually going to space, you know? Years ago, after I’d been doing Daoist meditation as part of my martial arts practice, I had my first OBE (out-of-body experience). I laid down in bed to go to sleep and as soon as my weight fully sunk into the mattress, I was space trucking. I don’t think it was anything so grand as what people call “astral projection”, but boy it was fun. Soon after that, I learned how to fly in my dreams. I can pretty much do it at will, so when I get a particularly scary dream like when nazis are chasing me and I’m not wearing pants and I am about to take a final exam and never cracked the book, I can just…take off. I would probably trade that skill for the ability to roller skate, but still, it’s not a bad thing to be able to do. And of course, there’s always music with which to reliably travel off-world.

So, tonight’s dream is space travel, rockets, other worlds. You do what you want, but I’m betting there is enough music based on these things to keep us entertained for a little while. Even if you weren’t alive – as I was – the day US astronauts hit golf balls off Stanley Kubrick’s moon set, I’m betting you can come up with a little something to add to this extraterrestrial punch bowl.

And of course, there’s always a doo-wop. In this case, The Rivileers, out of Queens, NY. How young they were:

Thank you all for coming to Deadsplinter and participating in DUAN. I’m still not sure why I was ever allowed to post here, but I am very fond of this vibrant community of weirdos and I’m grateful to have touched down here.



  1. The all-time classic of space tunes.  David Bowie – Space Oddity


  2. I’m also a lucid dreamer, but I typically don’t fly. I’ll usually just resolve whatever the nightmare scenario is in a more mundane fashion, like not wearing pants = put on pants or chased by monsters = knife on the counter. When I do fly it’s slow, like a drifting balloon, so that doesn’t help with a fast escape. 
    Back on point:

  3. Although, I am not a lucid dreamer – I would be cool with the B’52’s and/or Blondie showing up in my dreams or accompanying me to outer space.


  4. Mars needs guitars 


  5. Eater – Space Dreaming

    Bonus: The Cigarettes – Screaming Dreaming


  6. Earth is Ghetto -Aliah Sheffield 

    Lucid Dreams -Franz Ferdinand 

  7. Lou Reed – Satellite of Love




    • I knew you’d come through, Lemmy.

  8. Johnny Richardson — Jackson Scott the Astronaut

  9. Hmm. Does this work any better?


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