Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Let’s Go to Town

Where all the lights are bright

The Bronx is up and the Battery's down

I’m from the city. Not just the city, but the inner city. I grew up in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood, which in the morning is literally in the shadow of downtown’s skyline. When I went to grad school, it was in New York City. Until recently, I’ve only lived in cities. I love the city. Almost all cities, in fact. I like crowds, I like subways. I like street food. I like city neighborhoods. I like feeling the concrete beneath my feet and like being able to walk down to the store for a soda pop. My dreams are all set in cities.

Today, I live in the country. Been here for a couple years now. Bordering on the Washington-Jefferson National Forest, so once you get to the property line, there’s just 1.9 million acres of Appalachian wilderness. There are maybe six other humans living within a one mile radius of my house. I’m happy here, but it’s strange, and has taken a lot of getting used to.

Next month, we’ll be driving to NYC for a wedding, and I am so excited. I haven’t seen a building over five stories since I went to Chicago in December, 2019, before we knew anything about COVID. I had planned to go back again a few months later for my usual quarterly visit, but we all know what happened then. I have not set eyes on a building over five stories since.

So I want to talk about cities. Songs about cities. With city or city names in the title. All sorts of cities. Places where people don’t even go out until after 11pm and there are stores that are not Walmart or Rural King. Places where I can get a slice of pie at 4am after throwing my body around a sweaty club until closing (not that I’m capable of that any more, but I miss having the option). Dirty, stinky, full of weirdos. Places with curbs and movie theaters and professional sports teams for chrissake.

Look, I’m sorry that I get so self-indulgent with these DUANs, but I can’t help it. What else am I gonna do out here? I mean, I’ll talk to the sheep, but they don’t really hold up their end of the conversation. Anyway, thank you all for coming to Deadsplinter, and for letting me be a part of DUAN.



  1. Delbert McClinton – New York City

    Twofer:  Keb’ Mo’ – City Boy


  2. Bob Mould – City Lights (Days Go By)

  3. Rancid- Olympia

    It is our Capital City

    I’m not much of a city person though, if it was up to me we would Burn the City


    • @Loveshaq 

      ” As a remedy to life in society I would recommend the big city. Nowadays, it’s the only desert within our means.” 

      Albert Camus

      • @Hannibal
        I’m part of the Hermits of Suburbia & like it that way.  Even when I’m out in nature, I always feel a little Screwed…


  4. I’m a yinzer, from one of the smaller steel towns that stretch out from Pittsburgh in all directions. But we spent as much time as we could downtown, or dahntahn as they say in the ‘burgh. This is a song about a couple of clubs there. I have fond memories from my youth of The Electric Banana. And taking my nephew and daughter to Mr Smalls many years later.

    They Might Be Giants – Pittsburgh (Mr Smalls) 




  5. City Music Kevin Morby


  6. Gordon Lightfoot – On Yonge Street

    • Sawwwreeee….


      • By someone from Alberta…the Texas/Florida of Canada.

        Checks out.

  7. Baby report please, Mr. Vuoto. Sheep? Donkey? Others?

    • Eight lambs so far.  At least a dozen more on the way.  Donkey mom looks ready to pop, but I’m told it will be a few more weeks.

  8. I am not a lover of cities – not enough trees – but I do like the occasional NYC trip. One of the siblings lives in the East Village.
    Also, I worked on Secret Life of Bees with Alicia Keys and she was really sweet. 

  9. From one of my favourite DC bands: 
    The Dismemberment Plan, “The City” 

    And speaking of not going out until after 11pm: 
    🎵🎵Oh Manchester, so much to answer for🎵🎵 


  10. Just remember. . . .
    Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Cities in Dust”

    • Of course the original is best.  I just included the Junkie XL remake because it appeared prominently in the video game Burnout Paradise, which still has one of the great cities in gaming.

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