DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Light or Fight – Your Choice!

Or play whatever moves you...

The Spotify Monday Discover Weekly Mixtape algorithm hot streak continues!

Villagers – A Trick of the Light

#1 Dads – Freedom Fighter

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    • @Luigi Vuoto
      Baby status? I am so excited for the baby donkey.

      • The donkey will be in April.  The lambs will start probably next week.

        • So excited. Please post photos!!!

          • I’ve only been successful posting photos as featured photos in DUANs.  Maybe in a few weeks, I’ll post a whole baby album thing as a special post if that’s OK. 

  1. ill go with fight

    • I love this whole album and everything Pain ever did sooooo much!

  2. For the fight theme (the music video takes about a minute to actually get to the song)

  3. I’ve been on an acid jazz kick this week (she says as the soothing sounds of the Moana soundtrack blast from the living room). So on that note, this kinda fits with the light theme.

  4. Sorry, what was the theme? I was blinded by this little light of mine:


  5. This is a song, kind of, a commercial jingle. God only knows what were in those lights:

  6. Michael Nesmith – Light

    Test Dept. – Fuel To Fight

  7. Jim Morrisson can light my fire anytime (RIP, poor guy, victim of the Curse of 27, one of many musical artists who died at the age of 27):

    • This is a cover by Minnie Riperton and Jose Feliciano. Feliciano had a hit with his own laid back cover, and I was glad to read recently that he is still living comfortably off the royalties that come streaming in every December from Feliz Navidad.
      Riperton died in 1979. She was Maya Rudolph’s mom.

  8. Har Mar Superstar – Late Night Morning Light





    Wilco – I’ll Fight



  9. Fight! Fight!! Fight!!! 
    The Flaming Lips, “Fight Test” 

  10. The Who – Trick of the Light


    Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting


    • This has absolutely nothing to do with the theme but your youTube link, for its own reason, will then link to this:

      I’m not sure that this is something to be proud of but not only have I seen almost all of these movies, I can recognize who’s in them, tell you which movie they’re from, and what the basic plot outlines are. Meanwhile, ask me what my own cellphone number is. I’ll have to back to you on that.

  11. Boom Pam – Light Up

    The Bonnevilles – Good Suits and Fightin Boots


    Return with me now to the summer of 2016. It was eerily prescient though: this kind of Zoom-format video is now so commonplace for all of us but I think this was the first time I had ever seen one, and I certainly never could have guessed that I’d be participating in something like this less than four years later.

  13. The Aquabats – The Shark Fighter

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