Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Linger

...moving on?

I stopped by an establishment after work yesterday where they were playing irish music to the tune no Canadians have ever heard before…some were actually requesting the music be changed. Then a Cranberries song came on in the middle of it all…and I probably came as close to crying actual tears of the feels as I’d ever have?

Once people are gone, and no longer capable of speaking for themselves, it’s easy to go back and say, “I was right.” regardless of the heated discussions you once had with them.

But the fact is that I’m a dude and she was very much not…so I was well aware of the lack of placement I had in our debates on certain topics…most specifically…abortion.

All of that set to the side, she was very much a worthy adversary, a loving mother, and a genuine person.

A genuine friend, in fact.

She left me (us/everyone) too soon…to the point that it absolutely sucks I am left lingering in perpetuity…

…and despite our differences, she’s more than worthy of a shitty duan in her honour…

and i’ll never let that bit linger.

Rest well, my friend.

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    • as much as i hate to admit it, i love this song. i hated it at first because it annoyed me when step-daughter #1 sang over it in the car with her friend…but now i love it for that same very reason.

      progress is a thing, i gather?

  1. …I’ve been skipping out on these in a forlorn hope that it might result in my spending more time asleep & less lost down musical rabbit holes I might otherwise have been unaware of

    …so…I’m a little rusty…& this might be a stretch…they aren’t irish…but…well…I’ll give it a whirl?

    …& for the sake of throwing in some insurance…this one’s from an irish soul…&…might have a ring to it to some ears?

  2. I know I play this every time the subject comes up but I love the sentiment of this song, I like to think it’s true. It’s what I want played at my funeral.

    Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy- Resist The Urge



  3. Late to post as always – whenever someone I loved or liked for the most part passes – I always play both of these songs as my own personal eulogy.

    I’m not religious in any way and don’t believe in Heaven but I like the sentiments this song conveys -and it’s beautiful.

    also –

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