DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Listen to Iron Maiden Maybe with Me

Last night on r/AskReddit the question was what is your favorite one-hit wonder song. There were so many good songs mentioned from Skee-lo’s I Wish, White Town’s Your Woman, Story of a Girl by Nine Days, Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, and Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag. Nostalgia overload browsing through that thread and it was wonderful. Come everyone and relive my childhood! Remember bucket hats? So people of DUAN, what is your favorite one-hit wonder song? Thank you for your continued support of DeadSplinter.



  1. oh man… as a huge maiden fan i just wanna drop all their songs here
    but i guess ill just go with a cover

    • unrelated but im in a trashy mood now

      • feh….its almost 4 am and im awake

        have a whole album
        its old timey and good for you 🙂
        also i just gave meself a finger cramp playing air guitar

  2. In the early 80’s I made a group of friends through work that had nothing to do with my other, “real”, life. It was incredibly freeing, to be who I wanted to be, with people who accepted me. I danced a lot to these two one hit wonders, and it makes me smile when I hear them.

    Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

    Wall Of Voodoo – Mexican Radio

  3. So many 1 hit wonders out there but some actually have some great other songs, like the Vapors or the Nails. This band though I can actually say I have never heard another one of their songs!

    This is one of my all time favorite one hit wonders but they actually have some really good songs besides this one.

    • Great cover of this…

      • Awesome. When I was still in the business, I had always wanted to have a band cover this song in a similar style to this cover–but also film a video…and slip the audio behind by half a beat. You get it, don’t you?

        • Got it, assume subtitles too.

  4. Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance

    • I looove this song. Excellent choice.

  5. I still listen to this probably once a week.

    • This song was on constant airplay during my first year university exams. I nearly went insane. Now each time I hear this song, I flash back to exams.

  6. I think ‘Missing You’ is a one hit wonder

    John Waite – Missing You:

  7. Local radio played this guy’s single “Candy Colored Glasses” for a whole summer and it wasn’t until much later I realized how instensly “local” this one-hit wonder really was. Great tune.

  8. This song reminds me of something that happened when I visited SF. I was supposed to go out with a good friend for dinner and he told me that he got set up with a friend’s wife’s friend and he had to go. I wasn’t really happy to be the 5th wheel, but I went.

    My friend is a tall attractive guy and seems to attract women everywhere while a short stocky guy like me gets ignored. By my late 20s, I made peace with that (barely.)

    Anyway, he spent some time talking to her and then for some reason he totally blew her off when one of his banker buds showed up. I am not great at small talk and muttered something about how long she had been in “The City” (I tried to avoid rolling my eyes.) She laughed at my sarcasm and it kind of broke the ice. Turns out she grew up in the deep South and we clicked. I think we spent a good portion of the night talking about growing up in rural areas and comparing country and western songs we knew.

    Anyway, I ended up making out with her to this song. I summoned all my courage (which wasn’t much) and asked her out. As per how things go with my love life, she was leaving for LA the next day, but she hoped I would be still here for the weekend. I was leaving for Vancouver that weekend. So bummer.

    My friend came back and didn’t know what happened. I was acting all smug about it because I wasn’t the short ass troll 5th wheel anymore. Confidence boosted (a little.)

    • That’s a nice story 🙂

    • > muttered something about how long she had been in “The City” (I tried to avoid rolling my eyes.) She laughed at my sarcasm

      I don’t get it! what was sarcastic? perhaps by ‘sarcasm’ you mean ‘joke’? than I get it!

      • I didn’t write that well.

        In my defense, my job has a two week rotation of nights/afternoons/days and I’m always dead tired coming off nights so the brain wasn’t all there.

        I was mocking how I got lectured by pompous folks from SF who called it “THE CITY” as if it is the only damn city in the world (I would make fun of Torontonians acted the same way.) Combo of sarcasm and a joke.

  9. Hard to believe that this song made me feel like fucking dancing every time I heard it 29 years ago (pretty much to the day):

  10. There’s sooo many!!

  11. OK. First of all, IMO a one-hit wonder has to have been an actual by-god #1 hit. Second, it can’t just be any hit, but one of those songs that no matter the situation, when you hear it on the radio crank the shit out of it and sing along at the top of your lungs even if it means looking like an absolute douche with racing stripes. Some good ones have already been posted, but here are a few of my faves. The first one is part of my permanent shower set-list. The second one particularly is a guilty pleasure that I will never admit to liking.

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