Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Little Girl Blue & the Battle Envy

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Just before the shutdown of our local library due to Covid, I borrowed a CD from Skating Polly.  I didn’t know too much about this band but this CD “The Make It All Show” is pretty amazing. I still haven’t returned it to the library since they seem to not be caring about due dates.  I often try to describe bands to friends as combinations of other bands, this song is a combo of many bands to me, Smashing Pumpkins, X, The Cure, Nirvana and Alanis Morissette.  The band is a family affair, started by step siblings Kelli Drew Mayo & Peyton Mckenna Bighorse who were 9 and 14 when they started!  Their brother Kurtis Lee Mayo eventually joined to play drums.  This lovely video was made on a few Pacific Northwest beaches after the band moved from their home of Oklahoma to Tacoma, WA. 

One thing about the band, they are all multi-instrumentalists.  They will often exchange instruments between songs.  In this song, the usual drummer is playing guitar, guitarist playing drums.  It doesn’t get more punk/grunge than this!

In the early days, Exene of X took them under her wing.  She does some background vocals in this song…

Anybody want to Play House today?

Thanks for your support of DUAN & Deadsplinter.  Now go enjoy your Friday-eve.  If you are looking for more entertainment tonight, Sir Mix-A-Lot is hosting a virtual concert tonight to raise money for Washington’s live venues.  So, if you want to keep me seeing live concerts such as the band above, check it out and donate:



  1. skating polly is a fun bunch… found them a whiles back and forgot about them again since……i really need to organize my pile of music… (its marginally better now ive started favouriting stuff i like…but well…organization isnt my forte)

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