Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Long, Long Way From Home

Foreigner’s first album rocks. It used to be one of my guilty pleasures, but I no longer feel guilty.

Foreigner – Long, Long Way From Home

That song is just a killer. It’s got everything.

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  1. Honne featuring Jones, There’s No Place Like Home. This is a pretty song:


  2. We have a Screaming Blue Messiah’s for this…

    and the twofer is my favorite Bamboos song – Bring it Home


  3. from butcher’s playbook:
    R.L. Burnside – Poor Boy A Long Way From Home (1978)

    • I think that clip might be from the Deep Blues documentary.  Love me some RL.

  4. That whole debut album was pretty killer. What is funny though it watching bands mail it in on Top of the Pops. The sax player isn’t even trying.

    • …I could be wrong about this but I’m pretty sure for a while Top of the Pops made all the acts basically mime to a backing track

      …I forget whether it was because some specific act went off-script on air but  pretty sure I remember at some point someone refusing & saying they’d either play or not appear & it causing a bit of a fuss?

        • A Short History of the Best Bad Top of the Pops Performances

      • Did they ever stop lip syncing to a backing track? I don’t recall ever seeing a guitar or bass plugged into anything during a Top of the Pops performance. At least not the ones I’ve watched on YouTube over the years of Queen, Sweet, ABBA, Slade, this one… Those are just a few off the top of my head.I don’t recall bands being live on American Bandstand either.

        • …I think if there were any real performances (as opposed to the sort in the article Loveshaq linked) they were the exception all the way to the end

  5. I don’t listen to a lot of newer jazz, but I heard this a few days ago and really liked it.

    Christian Scott a Tunde Adjuah – Diaspora


    • …ozzy osbourne is kind of an institution…but I find it hard to take “machine gun” kelly seriously

      …is that just me?

      • I’ve never listened to Machine Gun Kelly. 

        • …the thing I mostly know about him is that he tried to talk shit about eminem on a track or two to boost his profile & made some ill-chosrn references to Mathers’ daughter at some point

          …it…did not go well for him?

          …there might be more?


  6. Home is where I want to be

    • And yes, there’s a doo-wop for every theme.

    • Genius pick.

  7. …so…I guess sometimes it doesn’t matter if you move you kind of always have the one home town

  8. Take me Home Country Roads


    • Jamaica also has Country Roads

    • Shocked I had to scroll so far to get this one!

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