Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Lost In Translation

This is a Keitel story, told with affection. Keitel is a charming fellow, but sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain. This is when the patented “What Keitel Really Meant to Say™” explainer comes into play.

Shortly after we married (a million years ago) we were out with a group of his friends, getting rowdy at a great dive bar. A couple who had just become engaged was part of the group. Keitel (loudly) told them “Oh, man, just wait till you have to tell people she’s your wife!” And crickets followed that statement . . . until I used the explainer ™ , “What Keitel really meant is that marriage changes your world view, and it is great to claim a wife.” And the party picked up again. By now in our partnership, Keitel will occasionally look at me and say “Honey, tell them what I mean”. I am fluent in Keitel.

But in light of the world-wide crisis, perhaps we should have a dance party tonight. Maybe slow dance style?

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  1. > Keitel is a charming fellow, but sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain.

    another similarity besides our aversion to writing brother keitel!

    and a slow dance song? here are two!

    Leon Bridges – Coming Home:

    The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses:

  2. There’s (almost!) ALWAYS a ‘jovi for that!😉😆😂🤣


    A slow song, that was the next cut on the album (Bounce), and apparently is the second in a series of videos:

    A fast “dancy” (and classic!) one:

    And another one that’s a waltzy one, perfect for those slow dances y’all are talking ’bout in the comnents😉;

  3. …well, for those of us who aren’t so good with the slow stuff

    …but since some of us may be getting too old for that shit

    […who am I kidding…I never had that footwork down even when I was fleeter of foot]

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