Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Love or Something Like It

Tonight’s DUAN theme is the universal feeling of being in L-O-V-E.

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  1. Dekker, The Love:


  2. Love’s been good to me.

      • Adding that to my playlist right now.

  3. Love

    Yuno – Fall In Love


    or something

    Florence and the Machine – Kiss With A Fist




  4. Sometimes it’s mechanical and eerily robotic. 
    Björk, “All Is Full of Love” 

    And some times it’s easier to deny: 
    10cc, “I’m Not In Love” 

  5. Je vous présente cette chanson sexy et romantique en français:

  6. Anarchy! 
    Public Image Ltd, “(This is Not a) Love Song” 

    …which reminds me: this is a great film, release at the height of an era when new “graphic novel-esque” adaptations were hitting the big screen (Persepolis came out around the same time). 


  7. Somebody has to be that guy. . . .
    Joy Division — “Love Will Tear Us Apart”



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