Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Lucky Girl


Need some chill music while you avoid the nonstop political ads, coverage of the Queen’s death, and never ending Trump coverage? Well you are a Lucky Girl (or boy).

It sure seems like it all has just Come Apart

It all makes me a Little Uneasy

Hopefully all the news is wrong, maybe I just Misread

Yeah, you are right, the chances of that are Zero

Oh well, it’s almost Friday at least.



  1. I am saddened by the death of the queen. I can’t speak to the constitutional monarchy or her wealth and land ownership…but I think that she conducted herself with grace and true love of the UK, and saw herself, as she said in her jubilee message, as “your servant”.


  2. Does the Queen biting the radish mean that the rest of us move up one slot in the line of royal succession?  I haven’t gotten the call yet.  I assume I’m somewhere on the list behind @Elliecoo and above @farscythe. I don’t see Charles III holding the Iron Throne very long.

    Until that call comes, I will profess my fealty to the One True Queen, Her Majesty Amanda Lear.


  3. Fellow Kiwi, Jemaine tryna get lucky

    Flight Of The Conchords – The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room


    PJ Harvey – Good Fortune


    David Bowie – How Lucky You Are (Miss Peculiar)




  4. maybe im an outlier here….but ive never found chill shit to be very calming

    its fucking nice when you are in the mood tho

    but as im not

    when the world really goes to shit and the interwebs drops….im gonna miss my music

  5. I’ve no love for any monarchy. The queen lived a lot longer than most of her subjects, and I hope she was a good person during that long life. Her husband and kids did/do not seem to be great folks, quite honestly.

    I was fortunate enough last night to see Gary Numan in concert — a life list show for me. And I didn’t have to fly to a bigger city to see him. He performed right here in Boise and I was home by 11 on a school night.

    Gary Numan – Saints and Liars

    • Man, I had to look up how long it has been since I saw him but it was 9 years ago!  I didn’t expect his music to be so dark as I only really listened to “Cars” back in the day.  He rocked.


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