Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Make It Go Away

Lament my loss, my labour, and my pain, All ye that hear my woeful plaint and cry.

I am tired of doing two hours a day of knee rehabilitation. Yes, I tend to overdo these things, but my physical therapist (whom I trust) tells me he wants me to get back to a high level of performance without surgery so he’s training me like a real athlete. I wake up each day and see that my leg is a little better, but then I do my exercises (which hurt) and then my leg hurts again until bedtime. It’s definitely getting better overall, but the meniscus doesn’t have much blood supply so healing takes a long time.

Anyway, tonight’s DUAN is all about making it better. Making the pain go away, specifically. The first song I’m posting is from my VNV Nation training montage playlist. I really like VNV Nation and dark electronica for doing these exercises, because the sheer volume blocks my pain receptors, but also because lead singer and songwriter Ronan Harris has a voice that reminds me that pain is better than oblivion and nothing matters anyway because life is shit and the best we can do is holler at it.

After that, the songs my playlist tonight are all about making it go away. Love you all. And I’m OK, really I am.



  1. I am at the hospital about to have a procedure that crippled me with excruciating pain for over a week last time I had something similar. I don’t like going under, which I have to and I am genuinely scared of the pain I could possibly feel after I wake up. Oh fucking well, once the pain goes away, hopefully I can say goodbye to the major inconvenience and pain I’ve been dealing with for a while.

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