Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Makin’ Whoopee


hump day

Hump Day is upon us, and I figure it’s as good a reason as any to cut loose a little bit. Have fun, but we still got two days to go, so keep it within reason. Also, try not to break any of the furniture, and if the police come again, it’s gonna be your ass.

There we go. I feel better now. Say, thanks for coming out for DUAN and Deadsplinter and by the way, if @myopicprophet posts Party Rock Anthem, I’ll donate $20 to the charity of choice, just so I can have some evidence to use later.



  1. Try to sit still  listening to this one.

    The Jimmy Castor Bunch – Party Life


  2. and heres me twofer i didnt take yesterday

    afrikaans is a gorgeous bastard of a language

    • i will stand by my afrikaans is a gorgeous bastard of a language

      but my song was just belgian…. sorry

      dis afrikaans

  3. Well, there are parties, and then there are guilty parties…or you could just dance motherfucker dance.


  4. Brand new Wet Leg, also appropriate for tonight’s DUAN title!

    Wet Leg, “Wet Dream”

  5. The B-52s – Party out of Bounds

    • Oh my goodness, this is perfect. I still remember it playing from a boom box on an episode of the original 90210.

  6. @luigi-vuoto

    the fact that you remember everything I say doesn’t help me with my insecurities about commenting on the front end.

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