Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Making an Entrance

What is your walk-up music?

I'm ready for my closeup

Pro wrestlers have them. Baseball stars have them. Guests on 1970s talk shows have them. Entrance music, theme songs, walk-up songs. Whatever you want to call them, they’re the music that plays (even if only in your head) when you walk into a room, or a club, a party, or into the ring. Even presidents and queens have special songs that get played when they make an entrance. I believe it’s long past time for folks like you and me to have our own entrance songs. I’ve felt this way for a long time. For example, back in the day, this was my song for walking into La Mere Vipere at 12:30 am with a heart full of napalm:

As I got older and more sophisticated (!), my walk-up music changed somewhat, but my unwarranted self-esteem did not fade. I worked in academia and back then they still had cocktail parties and receptions and faculty teas, and this became my theme song.

Once I got past certain level of professional success that involved having to BS a bunch of credentialed people, I let my ego out in full effect. I hadn’t met my wife yet at this point, so my entrance song reflected a certain je ne sais quoi (which I believe is French for “guy full of shit”)

Now here it is the end of 2020, a plague year spent in isolation. I’m expecting 2021 to be a year of re-emergence (eventually). At this point I’m thinking of hanging a bluetooth speaker from my belt and blasting this song every time I leave the house next year.

So let’s have it: WHAT IS YOUR SPECIAL ENTRANCE MUSIC? Remember, DUAN is a judgement-free zone, so don’t be afraid to display a little ego. Or, if you’re a shrinking violet like me, your walk-up song can reflect that too. Either way, you are the straw that stirs our musical drink, you magnificent creature you.

And as the great Allen Iverson once said, while stepping over Tyronn Lue after AI had juked him onto his butt following a score in the 2001 NBA finals, “THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING DEADSPLINTER AND DUAN!”



  1. Burned off


    • Solid. Hadn’t heard this in a while.

  2. Or on a very good day, good as hell


    • Good choice.  I admit to occasionally using that one too, when I’m feeling particularly fabulous.

  3. *shrugs*

  4. I’m not sure these would be entrance music, more like theme songs I suppose.

    When I was young



    During my bouts with depression



    During my last round of therapy



    And now, when I feel the strongest I have in my life




    • I forgot to title them

      1 Iggy Pop – Wild One

      2 Husker Du – Too Far Down

      3 Cat Stevens – Miles From Nowhere

      4 David Bromberg – Demon In Disguise


      • Something weird has happened where you have to click on the play arrow before the song title will show up.

        • After I added the titles, they showed up. Thanks, I’ll do that next time.

          • They showed up because they’re in your cache not because you typed them out but it might be best to type them out for those who don’t click on every song?

            • I usually add the artist name and title, I just forgot tonight.

        • That would be my doing. I made it so only the previews of videos load rather than the actual videos so the pages load a lot faster. Then – when one clicks on the preview of a video – the video loads but only for that individual because each individual (or logged in user) has their own dedicated cache now…so it doesn’t affect cache preloading for others.

  5. This kicks into my mind when I’m running or biking. Trail or road.
    Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song

    • This was always my song when I was either going to surf big waves & need to get psyched or when I’m strapping into my snowboard and put on the headphones. 



  7. Yeah, not so much entrance music, as theme music:
    Todd Snider –  Alright Guy

    Grayson Capps – Get Back Up


  8. My theme song
    Finale B-  Rent

  9. Making my entrance again with my usual flair:

    Just kidding.

    And if I’m feeling extra cheesy and power ballad-y: 

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