Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Making Faces

nice face

Today is Part One of what I will be calling my “Human Anatomy” series of DUANs.

Face facts: participating in DUAN simply makes you a better person. I’ve done my own research. You’re welcome.



    • Aw, fuck. Of course “Ooh La La” would post while I entered the duplicate post.

      Here are some alternates:

      Faces, “Stay With Me”

      The Small Faces, “Itchykoo Park” 

      • oh i wouldnt worry about ooh la la…after all there is only one true ooh la la…and neither of yous posted it


        anyways….im doing the opposite of falling asleep here

        also that song really makes me miss my drumkit….probably be waking up the neighbourhood if i had it here now tho….

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