Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Mama Roots

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Sometimes I feel homesick and just need to get back to my roots.  This video includes so many places from my life and most of my favorite places I’ve spent my youth and shared with my family.  Watching it I feel like I shot this.  At exactly :05 it shows my favorite spot in the world, where I spent much of the best years of my life and where my ashes will one day float in the ocean.  At :23 it shows my families favorite beach where my wife & daughters love to swim.  At 1:06 it shows a spot on Kauai called Pele’s bath that was the highlight of a 5 day kayaking trip I took with some friends from Kauai and where I got one of my favorite photos of all time (the above pic).  At 1:15 it shows the place that I married my beautiful wife and at 1:23 the beach I cut out of school and bodyboarded all day during high school.  At 1:49 is the beach I proposed to my wife and finally at 1:59 is the view I enjoy each time I fly into Hilo to see my Mama.  At the end of the video at 3:35 is the view from my daughters favorite dawn hike. Hopefully the high number of girls in bikinis is not offensive to anyone. It is not a big deal in Hawaii but it does seem to be seen as sexist or offensive in some circles. If you have not been to Hawaii in the last 30 years you may be surprised that this is exactly how most girls swimwear is there. Enjoy…

Mahalo for indulging me. How do you get back to your roots?



  1. i dont

    no homesickness for me

    course is grew up between rain rain rain and fucking rain……and england

    my roots is north sea……it fucking nearly killed me seeing people take floaties in to sea to drift on in greece

    yeah…dont do that here..our sea works different and will kill you

    • When Nelson Mandela died it was very sad. Two things that brought a little levity to the proceedings were the lunatic performance artist (or whatever he thought he was doing) who passed himself off as the interpreter for the deaf, and the fact that they played Toto’s “Africa,” which had nothing to do with Nelson Mandela nor, indeed, South Africa in general. Good times.

  2. Musically, my Forever Home is the 80s, of course, and during the 80s I entertained the idea of moving abroad. It wasn’t so far-fetched back then. Can you guess which single spent the most time in the number 1 slot in the UK during the 80s?

    This one goes out to you, Kevin McCarthy. Lasting nine weeks in the number 1 slot, longer than any other single during that entire decade, ladies and gentlemen:


  3. I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and while I like visiting and seeing my family and friends, I don’t have a deep connection to the landmarks or landforms there. I’ve had a lot more pivotal moments traveling or up here in Idaho. What still gets my blood stirring is a good mountainscape.

    Midnight Oil – Mountains of Burma

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