Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Mars is for Martians

Tacoma natives the Boss Martians have been heavy hitters in Seattle’s music scene since 1995.  Never have I seen a band’s music morph more than the Martians.  Much of their early music is pure surf music, tons of instrumentals, songs about cars and a sound somewhere between Dick Dale and the Ventures.  Guitarist and singer, Evan Foster is legend in Seattle’s guitar scene.  He got to work with and was heavily influenced by Dick Dale, The Sonics, Iggy and the Stooges, and X.  In fact, Billy Zoom built one of his reverb units.  You can tell Billy Zoom was a big influence on Evan as they transformed from just surf music to a much heavier sound.  After Iggy heard the Boss Martians on a radio show he was so inspired he started writing lyrics for a song he wanted to do with them.  He contacted Even and they got together to create this song:

Mars is for Martians

The song that Iggy heard that made him write a song for them:

I Wanna Kill My Telephone

Something from the earlier sound:

More Booze, Less Ice

Harder rocking stuff:

She Moves Me

Evan has been playing with The Sonics recently and doing some solo stuff but every so often you will hear about the Martians playing.  Thank you for your continued support of Deadsplinter!



  1. Klaatu – Anus Of Uranus

    (I have this on original 1973 vinyl).

    Fan video of the same here if you prefer pictures with your tunes:

  2. Another Seattle band
    The Intelligence – (They Found Me In The Back Of) The Galaxy

    And there’s a Jonathan Richman song for every theme!
    Here Comes The Martian Martians

    • Mars (Holst’s Planet Suite) > Inspired David Bowie as a child > Bowie / Iggy Pop > Boss Martians

      …. Jeebus Manchu, you guys are good.

  3. …if I’m honest the first place my head went on the martian thing was this

    …& then Tom Jones in Mars Attacks…but since we’ve had Bowie how about a variation on a theme?

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