• I finally remembered to open last week’s fff post. your sister’s dog is so beautiful. sorry about his health problems. the whole ‘health issues due to breeding’ thing is so messed up. do you know if that wasn’t a thing before the breeding took off do other dogs, shelties?, have similar issues too?

  1. This is by the Pernice Brothers/Scud Mountain Boys. It is poignant, a man calling and thinking “I would give anything to make it with you one more time.” A beautiful song.

  2. martha?… oh come on… there cant be more than two songs with that in it
    *googles* well fuck me im wrong

    anyhoo… as i cheated to get to that one…
    ill just leave voltages new new single as my pick for today..(they are busy busy bees lately)

        • lol tbh.. both voltage and danny vera are miles above the local content im used to round here… tho… i do wonder where this southern sound suddenly came from
          that said… turns out these guys are local too

          i never would have guessed
          dutch music is on the up and up lately lol

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