DeadSplinter Up! All Night: May The Fourth

May the Fourth Be With You – Deadsplintalorians.  Sorry, non Star Wars people – I had to. The Fourth compels me. 

3AM Eternal – The KLF

and, don’t forget the 21st of September

I don’t know if non music videos are allowed – but this is my favorite of the new Star Wars episodes.

And in honor of one of Star Wars most dearly departed fans – Lucille Bluth.

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  1. Streetlight Manifesto – Riding the Fourth Wave

    and my Twofer, Drive By Truckers – The Fourth Night of my Drinking


    • I hit post comment too quickly – it also has a weird Space 1999 kind of bridge in it towards the end after the very jazzy cantina bit. It actually sounds like it could be from the season 1 theme. 

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