Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Member of the Band

If you had some magical musical talent and could be in any band past or present – what band would you pick?

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for me – they seem pretty cool and have a great catalog.

And, maybe The Police…



  1. I have three possibilities.  I would either want to be in one of Miles Davis’ electric bands in the 70s, or one of the Belmonts backing Dion DiMucci (given my ethnic heritage and general greaseball charm) or possibly a member of Tavares, because I dig the choreography and the cool outfits with the bolero jackets.

  2. My first instinct was if I had the talent I’d want to be with The Revolution, but even if I could play there is no way I could put up with level of perfectionism.

    So I’m going to say the Benny Goodman Orchestra

  3. No thank you! I’d rather *not* be in the band… alllllll that traveling without actually getting to see the places you’re visiting, plus the grind of life on the road would be fun for a short bit, buuuuut road life would get so OLD after a while, and can end up too miserable…

    I’d rather be the costume designer, making impossible things happen, then getting to fly out on occasion, but then go back to my comfortable home…

    But as the designer?….

    Maybe Bob Mackie for Cher, making all those fun, wild, outfits, or perhaps Lee McQueen for Bowie?

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