DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Memorial Day

Does anyone do this better (and worse – looking at you, Toby Keith) than country artists?!?



  1. Tim Timebomb – Honor is All We Know

    Asylum Street Spankers – Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your SUV

  2. Robbie Robertson Once Were Brothers 


  3. I think Roger Waters’ preoccupation with his dead father gave the band a lot of good Memorial Day fodder.

    When the Tigers Broke Free


  4. Drive-By Truckers – Decoration Day



  5. I TOTALLY agree with you,, Meg, 9n the Country artists💖
    Willie says it best, imo;

    Along with Chris, Garth, and Brooks & Dunn;

    Ngl, this one makes ME tear up when I hear it, too–because of growing up around a lot of WW2 and Vietnam-era vets, who told us about the cemeteries in France, and how the Poppies that the Legion sells as their fundraiser for Memorial Day every year came out of the cemeteries for all the boys who died in places like Bellau Wood & Flanders.
    The whole version;

    Like Toby, John Rich & Big Kenny are… pretty much just complete assholes.
    But again, because I grew up around a whole lot of guys who fought in that war, and grew up also hearing about a bunch of them who never made it home, this one will always be one that I love, in spite of the guys singing it;

    And Charlie was a Grade-A ASSHAT, but this is one of the first songs I can think of, which really brought up the PTSD that so many folks came home with–back WELL before the US Military & Government widely recognized PTSD as an actual condition (it was only added to the DSM in 1980, two years before the song was released);

    This Brooks & Dunn one about a WW2-era vet is also one I love;

    Tim’s song, for all the Gen-X, Millenial, and younger soldiers;

    And then there are the songs by the Women of Country;
    The Chicks;

    And Carrie’s, too;


    • Somehow this one didn’t drop in, as the first Garth link;


    • Great pulls, Emmer! Travelin’ Soldier always gets me too. And Tim. Love Tim!

  6. Big Country – Where the Rose Is Sown

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