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  1. Joe Hill was a Swedish American labor activist and songwriter. He was tried, convicted, and executed for murder in 1915. Hill always maintained his innocence, and there was no evidence against him. Hill’s innocence is now widely accepted, he died a martyr to the labor movement. He wrote some of the best known labor songs many of which are still sung today, including There Is Power In The Union and  The Rebel Girl. Rebel in this case isn’t associated with the Confederacy, the song was based on fellow IWW activist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. This is the well known Hazel Dickens version of the song.



    • …is the of course for Billy Bragg or the song?

      …only the Pete Seeger version AWhit posted to the DOT earlier is the one I generally assume to be better known to those who haven’t spent a bunch of time in the UK…& I know when I’ve posted this version in the past there’s a version or two with some video that are worth a watch…if you like that sort of thing…which I guess I somewhat obviously do?

        • …it’s been around a long time…but then so has Billy…who’s no stranger to the picket line himself…so when I said there’s some video to go with his version I was thinking along these lines

          [hmmm…that seems to be more image than video…but I really should be doing DOT things not hunting for clips…]

          …although I don’t think that’s the great leap forward he was talking about

          …don’t get your trousers caught in the chain & all that


  2. Y’all KNOW there’s a ‘Jovi for that!😉😁🤣
    Work for the Working Man, from the Circle Tour:

    This song was SO much fun, in-person, on that tour. You can kiiiinda see the pictures on the screens behind the boys–in person, it was MUCH easier to see–the illustrations were VERY 1940’s WPA-style, you also almost got a bit of a 30’s-40’s communist-/socialist-propaganda vibe from them, because there were lots of cogs/gears, lots of red/black/white/grey, and the artwork itself was extremely stylized. It was (and IS!) a very lefty-liberal *this is who we are FOR, and we make ZEEO apologies for that!* song
    And the other work song that’s always a button-push away when I’m in my car, by one of Myo’s choice’s Rhymesayers label-mates Brother Ali😉

    And lastly, an old Willie song, that I’ve loved, since it came out back when I was a kid.

    And, honestly, if you’ve EVER heard ☝️that one, and knew Willie started Farm Aid back in the 80’s, I don’t know how you could ever even begin to assume Willie wasn’t a damn, dirty, hippie, Liberal!💖

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