Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Meta bands

Not metal, meta!

Tonight’s DUAN has a bit of a challenge built in. Post a band within a band, a musical alter ego, or a band or singer’s alias or secret identity. Don’t forget to tell us their more famous identities as well as the pseudonyms.

Lots of musicians break free from their more famous identities to put out new or experimental music. Sometimes it’s just a running gag, sometimes it’s for secret smaller gig shows, and sometimes it’s a chance for them to stray from the formula of their own success. At any rate, it’s fun for the artist and the fans alike.

The Foxboro Hottubs aka Green Day (who also work under The Network)

Davey Grolton Band aka The Foo Fighters (who also go under names The Holy Shits and The Dee Gees)

Keep on keeping it real, Deadsplinter.

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  1.  Remember the Mystery Singer and Soldier of Love. I don’t think it’s a particularly good song but it was a great marketing plan.

    Donnie Osmond



  2. The Raconteurs had to change their name in Australia because there was already a band going by that name. So they became The Saboteurs in Australia only.
    TW Jack White is the singer… I believe someone here has a problem with him?

  3. “Diamond Rugs is an American band project, composed of John McCauley and keyboardist Robbie Crowell of Deer Tick, Ian Saint Pé of The Black Lips, Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, and Bryan Dufresne of Six Finger Satellite.” Or is this a super group? Maybe?

    Gimme a Beer:



  4. One of the more famous groups?

    One of the weirder ones

    One of the shittier ones (at least one of the members who avoided the Vietnam Draft by shitting his pants and also one of the biggest Chicken Hawks for Iraq)

  5. Supposedly this band is all famous studio guys under contract w/ other labels than the one they produce these albums under but I can’t give specific names…

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