1. i am calling this one a p…for porpoise

    and this one for q….coz…uhh…it starts with q

    my brother visited tokio and brought me the album as a souvenir…or i would have never found them on youtube…stupid band name..lol

        • I saw Pere Ubu at Gaspar’s in Chicago when The Modern Dance had just come out.  There was a ham radio operator down the block on Southport Ave and his radio shit kept coming over the PA system.  The funny part was, nobody in the audience could figure out that it wasn’t part of the show.  Allen Ravenstine’s synth playing was so outside, it actually fit in nicely.  Dave Thomas kept stomping around all pissed off, but it wasn’t that different from his normal stage demeanor.

          The rest of the story:  Allen Ravenstine went on to quit music and become a commercial airline pilot, but I don’t think it was because of that mess of a Gaspar’s show.

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