Deadsplinter Up! All Night: Mmm

2 X Tuesday

Bonus points if you avoid Crash Test Dummies and Hanson.

Thanks for coming around.



    • Skip to 3 minutes in (lyrics below for those who deplore hip hop):

      We walked a broken path while the sun was bleakAnd we were holding hands on these rusted swingsThat I called “us” and my love would sinkUnderseas that we would drown underneathWhen you would swim deep to catch my lip’s speechTo try to catch drifts to catch what it meansAnd you found what would grow between usSo I thought about you while I roped the phoenixAnd now my spine shivers from the notes that you speakOf perfect pitched melodies and emotions you seekThat I’m composing in dreams, so you can see that I love youAnd I’ll hold your broken dreams till I’m bleeding in puddlesShe breaks bones, engraves poems in gravestones(Text) paints quotes of pathos as pain grows(Next) rain flows became hopes of rainbows(When) angels with halos and saints spoke (Blessed!)
      Death to this world now we’ve given enoughI wanna hide you from the company that misery lovesAnd so I (draw blood) with few strokes and (our love), it drew closeSo you can draw attention with the pen that you holdReveal your energy, and we’ll just get to keepThe radioactive, I can feel your chemistryWhen we gaze at sea waves and freebase off replaysThat relate to clichés to see fate will be graceI find peace in our dance on ice sheetsTo bathe your silhouette in the tears the skies weepWe’ll burn bridges to find warmth from life’s stormsAnd cross roads at the point where lives meetI’ll show you memories I hate to revealIf you just feel what I say then I could say what I feelAnd I finally learned what it takes to confessI’ll take you to a place filled with grace and sunsets

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