DeadSplinter Up! All Night: MonsterHeart


I usually don’t like “chick singers”, mostly because higher pitches hurt my ears. But this song is fun!


Thank you for playing and thank you for your support of DeadSplinter and DUAN.

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  1. fuckit lets go with kitty in a casket too

    its twofer twsunday after all

    anyways..they are ridiculously poppy

    but still somehow kinda…bop

    probably the closest thing to a guilty pleasure i have

  2. I don’t particularly wish to engage with this post by providing a track. I’ll instead share that I don’t like “chick singers”, either… because referring to human women as “chicks” is a sexist habit that should not have carried on past the 1990s.
    I’m also not sure what to make of the “higher pitches hurt my ears” commentary. It smacks of the same misogyny that declares any woman who dares open her mouth in public “shrill”.
    I don’t approve and I know DS can do better.

    • ive accepted the fact that chicks is wierd

      i mean….higher pitches hurt my ears but has an army of chifuckinghuahuas…thats where my brain broke

      anyways…me finks you are finding issues where there are none

      or maybe im glossing over issues……either way… music…its fun!

      • @farscythe


        anyways…me finks you are finding issues where there are none

        It’s not your place to tell me whether or not my thoughts are valid or worth expressing on a forum in which I assume people are receptive to progressing equity, even if just through their word choice. I didn’t ask for you to referee, but thanks for mansplaining to me and minimizing what is a huge real-life issue for me and has been a derogatory word I’ve tried to ask men to reconsider since the 1990s.

        It’s so helpful to hear my extremely well-informed opinions on this topic are trivial because you’re OK with the discomfort that term causes you individually.

    • @Meh-zuzah well my gracious none of that was my intention. I have a hard time with higher pitched tones, they are painful for me to hear. As a result I  don’t often enjoy music that is higher in tone than say a Patti Smith or Stevie Nick’s level. And as for the term chicks…well this shows my age, but in my family we thought of chick as an form of chickadee, an affectionate term used by grandfather ( who was born in 1900). I do hear your viewpoint – my intention was not to run down my fellow females.

      • @Elliecoo


        Here’s the thing: at some point, I’d very much like to encourage DeadSplinterites to really sit with the idea of intent vs impact. You may not intend to cause harm with your word choice and sentiments, but defending your intent doesn’t mean your actions don’t create impact on others. It’s important to be conscientious about impact and take responsibility for that. This is a difficult reminder that DS is not Backtalk or Groupthink–I wouldn’t need to say that to either of those communities. I’d get a response like, “Thanks for the reminder. Language matters.”

        Furthermore, if someone calls you “honey” or “dear” or “darling” repeatedly, it’s not any different from the use of “chickadee” you cited. Both are inappropriate if you’re not familiar with the addressee, and women have every right to object to being called “honey”, “dear”, or “chick[adee]”, including if it’s meant as a term of endearment. It’s still belittling and may not be welcome.

        Finally, I’m facepalming at use of the word “fellow females” and I don’t think I have the energy to explain why that’s also not OK–and I certainly don’t want to invite male commenters to weigh in unsolicited about why I’m wrong because it’s not a problem they’ve noticed *shrug*. I’m definitely not in a place with the understanding of GT or BT and that’s sort of a dismaying thing to realise.

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