DeadSplinter Up! All Night:  Mood

Hi friends! What’s your mood tonight? After interviewing for four jobs and not getting a single one – I decided not to give into existential dread and depression so we packed up and headed to the lake. Nothing soothes the soul like trees and birdsong.

As always – thanks for your support!



  1. I pulled a muscle in my leg last week, had to skip yoga for several days, and was a little edgy.

    Bad Waitress – Restless Body


    But I’m back into my twisty routine and feeling balanced and quiet again.

    Cocteau Twins – Lazy Calm




    • Thanks @Ellicoo – I’m used to getting pretty much every job I interview for so this is weird for me. I’m pretty sure there’s some ageism going on.

      • Oh, yeah. That record just goes on like that for more than an hour. And, no, I’ve never listened to more than a few minutes of it at a time myself, but I’ve read the enthusiastic articles that Lester Bangs wrote about it back in the day (speaking, as we were last night, about music trivia — and about Lester Bangs, too, actually).

  2. I’m on hold on a video call and waiting for the provider to get the fuck in there, and it’s nearly half an hour past my last scheduled break of the workday. . . .

    Iggy Pop — “I’m Bored”

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