DeadSplinter Up! All Night: Most Hated Bands

Do you like a song from a band that everyone hates? It seems like everyone hates Nickelback, but I like this song.

And, apparently U2 is on many Most Hated Lists too. I love old U2 – anything up to Achtung Baby. This song is brilliant.

Whatcha got tonight good people of Deadsplinter? Thanks for your support!



  1. I don’t mind a couple of Nickelback songs.

    Back in my yout’ if you liked ABBA you were labeled a h-word.  Mostly can be attested to loathing of disco and ABBA, toxic masculinity and rural homophobia. They make good music even if one or two of them didn’t speak English.

  2. A lot of people hate Taylor Swift but I really liked the Folklore LP, especially this one.



    Mostly I hate bands and songs other people love. If I never hear this Dire Straits tune again it will be too soon. It’s so terrible it makes me angry.

    Money For Nothing




    • Here’s a palate-cleanser of sorts, then, off the same album: I first heard this song relatively late at night on the “adult alternative” station in my college town, during the semester when I came back to tie up all the loose ends and graduate. I could’ve sworn it was a current track, but it was already 15 years old by then.


      (It also foreshadowed the agonizingly slow end of a long-distance relationship for me, but that’s another story.)

  3. The Frogs are so bad they are good?  I like to sneak this record on and see how long it takes for people to say “What the fuck are we listening to?”

    and how about a Twofer?

  4. goddamnit…i was gonna go for nickelback…..ive actually seen them live you know

    granted…i was chaperoning my 14 year old niece….but it was a solid show

    and…i think hubris is the only reason everyone hates u2….i remember the heres your free album downloaded to everyones phones fiasco….and the backlash….bet they never saw that one coming….slayed for giving out freebies

    but also..when saying…everyone hates…you gotta ask yourself…how come they are topping the charts?

    is it really everyone?… me finks many people are lying

    anyways….i have nothing fits the category……but i do have this

  5. I hope this doesn’t get me thrown off Deadsplinter, but I’m only doing it because Lymond insisted, and I’m nothing if not a rules follower.

    I would never listen to them on purpose because they suck, but somehow I still know all the lyrics to this one Limp Bizkit song.


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